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PASARGAD The Destruction of world heritage sites in Iran


Brief History of Iran in 1 hr well worth it

Different Grapes in Iran with pictures

The Archaemenian and Zoroastrian

Extracts of Cyrus The Great Cylinder Discovered in China

Lying in Islam listen to this man from Mosque how he deny the fact about Islam

Richard Dawkins replies to a question asked by what seems like a Muslim on "absolute morality" 

History of Norooz (beginning of New Year)

Raping a child within Islamic low averting legal  

Rape a child in Afghanistan this a democracy Mr Obama supporting

This is a democracy Mr Karzay which is backed by Mr Obama brought in Afghanistan Rapping a child all legal 

Brief History of Iran in 1 hr

Ancient Persian engineering Cyrus The Great and Irrigation under ground system

protest in front of Islamic Republic in Iran embassy in London, United Kingdom against killing student and Army officer

Student Protest in Shiraz against the government official March 2008

Demonstration in Paris on Saturday 8 March 2008 in regard to international day of Women’s right

Demonstration in Front of occupied Iranian Embassy in London 10 Feb 2008

Iranian People resist  with Akhond regime in Zahedan Iran (Film) Jan. 2008

Arresting a student in Tehran to be taken for torture (film) 1 Dec.2007

Azrakhsh Movement to show the root of terrorisms is in Mullah's hand

Film anti war movement in Britain and relation with the barbaric regime in Iran

15 July 2007 collecting signatures in front of British Museum, London

18th of Tir (8 July 2007) demonstration in London Film

18th of Tir (8 July 2007)demonstration in London Pictures

Shortage of petrol (gasoline) and people anger pictures from Iran

Pasargad under threat

Planning and history of Sivand Dam

Gathering signatures in front of British Museum to save precious Archeological sites of pasargad in Iran

Arresting an Iranian women by Islamic Republic people 27 April 2007

Protest in support of Ahmad Batabi in front of Amnesty International UK 28 Feb. 2007

Have a look Separatism: approximately 10 people out of 20,000,000 Iranian Azari

End asylum destitution protest in front of United Kingdom Parliament London 19 Feb. 2007

Demonstration in front of occupied Embassy of Iran London 11 Feb. 2007

Collection of signature in front of British Museum in connection to save Pasargad 3 & 4 June 2006

List of Islamic Republic of Mullah's Torturers and their Torture Masters

 To stop separating Iran Please click and sign

 To stop the destructions of historical site in Iran

 Articles by Dr Kaveh Farrokh separatism and the real people behind it

Separatism Baloochi, Kords, Azari and Arab from khozestan including people from Parkestan approximately 30 or 40 people out of may be half population of Iran

 List of Monarchist's in the World

 Association protest against stoning to death 13 years old girl

Hunger strike in front of occupied Iranian Embassy London 11 June 2005

 Iran Map about 180 years ago reference for those in their dream divide Iran

 On the Importance of time music video

 The Most music video

Fasting in London front of occupied embassy of Iran 11 Jun 2005